Composition TWING 020, composed by two washbasin unit laquered in orange 14 gloss art. TW-70 measuring 70Lx51,5x50h, with a drawe inside, glass top measuring cm. 140Lx51,5P coulored Rosso Arancio art. TT140 with two integrated washbasins. Mirror with neon lamp art. MA 21D/130 measuring 130x75H.

All the materials used are chosen based on strict quality checks. Lacquered units are made with 3 coats of Polyester and 2 coats of highly resistant lacquered paint. Crystal tops are varnished with ceramic enamels and treated at 450°C to guarantee a perfect fusion of crystal and enamel. Almost all our production process are eco-friendly. All Twing base units can be fitted with set-in handles as shown in the picture, upon request.

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