UNOPUNTOZERO - Il design leggero

Design_Paolo Mori, Simone Carloni

Lasaidea presents unopuntozero, a range of products made with absolutely innovative forms and materials.

The items in the collection are characterised by a design which works on the mass and on forms with rounded corners, as though the items were hewn from single blocks, but with the surprise of extreme lightness.

The unopuntozero range is made of "light mass", an extremely lightweight innovative material covered with a polyurethane resin with structural characteristics and finished with scratchproof lacquer or cements.

This material has a low environmental impact and allows the creation of every form imaginable without problems in terms of weight or stability.

unopuntozero art. UP 150+UP156 vasca centrostanza_bathtub_180x90 cm

unopuntozero 20_cm 60+60 cm


The washbasin is a single structure made of mass with a linear surface that continues seamlessly on from the basin to the sides and the base.

The washbasins are available in several widths, 60, 90, 120 and 140 cm, in floor standing and suspended versions, with a depth of 49 cm.

Top: version in mass with accessory holder.

Bathtub in mass with incorporated niches on two sides. The rigorously rounded corners also characterise the bathtubs available in a version made of mass and thin sheet.

unopuntozero UP150 vasca_bathtub cm 180x90

unopuntozero 50_cm 70+105+36

unopuntozero art. UP130 libreria_bookcase cm 90x90 / UP140 vasca_bathtub cm 180x90

unopuntozero 60_cm 90


The material does not require moulds and can be treated using numerical control machines, making it particularly well-suited to custom-made designs and therefore the contract sector, without being excessively expensive.

unopuntozero 110 - cm 180+180

unopuntozero 120 - cm 95

UNOpuntoZERO Line is made in "Iight mass" an innovative material composed of a base in mass very lightweight coated with a polyurethane resin with characteristics , including structural and finishing with protective paint scratch. This plastic material with endless possibilities allows the realization of every shape imaginable without any problem of weight or stability.

DUEpuntoZERO Line is made of "solid surtace " an innovative composite material that offers outstanding features such as infinite design flexibility, the ease in cleaning and the ability to restore the surface from scratches or stains.

The project develops a complete line for the bathroom which consists of washbasins, furniture, cabinets, mirrors, shelves and tubs.

The objects in the collection are characterized by a design that works on mass and shapes with rounded corners as if the objects were derived from the excavation of entire blocks, but with the incredible surprise of the extraordinary lightness of each piece.

The considerable thickness combined with the extreme lightness is the distinctive character of the collection.

The basin, for example, is presented as a monocoque mass with glossy surface and continuous seamless passes from the tank, to the sides, to the base.

The corners are rounded strictly (the whole system is essentially based on two-beam only) two of the sides are thin, the other two thick to allow the housing of the tank flush or recessed niches.

The sinks are designed in three sizes 60, 90 and 120cm wide and in three heights, 85, 70 and 55cm, depth of 49 cm is constant.

The shell can be fully opened or closed with doors, drawers, shelves and metal.

The vast possibilities of the solutions makes the project very complete and suitable for the most varied needs of customers .

The range is completed with bathtubs, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and accessories of various depths and dimensions that arise from the same design concepts and thus are proposed as a whole "bath" and not as individual parts.

The body lines are characterized by the white color and the use of very showy colors (even neon: fluorescent) in parts of the finish of doors and drawers usually not used in the bathrooms, but for this very interesting as they offer a decidedly innovative bathroom that becomes the fashion of the home environment where new trends and styles.

Do not miss also the use of wood, but always used as a fragment, such as color change and not as the main protagonist .

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