BELLAGIO - Precious craftsmanship

Class and elegance, magnificence and wealth, past and present come together to create the Bellagio collection, a choice of furnishing suited to both a classic and modern setting.

The elegance, brillance and essential nature of modern crystal surfaces perfectly match the classic sinuosity of the base units.

BELLAGIO 20 - cm. 172

BELLAGIO 1 - cm.110

BELLAGIO 2 - cm.110

The beauty of glossy lacquared colours and decorations enhances the shapes.

Bellagio base units can be completed with free-standing crystal washbasins of the "hand made" collection, handmade and decorated by master glassmakers from Tuscany.

BELLAGIO 3 - cm.110

BELLAGIO 4 - cm.110

Splendid decorations and valuable carving enhance the shapes and stimulate the imagination. Warm and exclusive, the black or white satin finish on a wood background.

BELLAGIO 5 - cm.110

BELLAGIO 6 - cm.110

The richness of details: handles with genuine Swarovski scrystals, or "curled" handles decorated with an antique-effect gold or silver finish.

BELLAGIO 7 - cm.110

BELLAGIO 8 - cm.110

The natural split stone-effect tops of the slate series perfectly match the collection.

BELLAGIO 9 - cm.110

BELLAGIO 10 - cm.110


BELLAGIO 22 - cm.115

The quality of natural wood and the skill of tuscan craftsmen to create unique furnishing complements.

BELLAGIO 11 - cm.110

BELLAGIO - Details

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