After the accessories, mirrors and washbasin-tops, crystal shower trays are the latest innovation for the modern bathroom.

CRYSTAL SHOWER TRAYS - Combined with ceramic, marble or wood floors, the flexibility of its components makes it ideal for a range of needs, changing image and form, but always retaining its lightness, transparency, luminosity and charm. LASADEA shower trays are made of 19mm. thick cast crystal with square or rectangular inner tray and flat polished edge shaping. Shown in aquamarine A74 it is available in a range of colours. The surface has a permanent non-slip treatment applied when the crystal is cast. This special procedure guarantees maximum safety. Two different types of crystal shower tray are available: sunk into the floor or resting on the floor with crystal profiles.The following measurements are available in both versions: 90x90cm, 80x80cm. 80x120cm. and 90x90cm. for corner.

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