The new Lasaidea bathroom collection, with a wood and lacquered structure with shaped legs, is completed with lacquered storage baskets in matching or contrasting colours. A choice of furnishing suited to both a classic and modern setting.

The range comprises a comfortable bathtub, crystal and lacquered shelves and shaped mirrors with lighting. The system is extensively modular and allows the creation of corner compositions.

GAUDÌ AIR 01 cm. 160, G86 glossy white lacquered, polished sinks stonelight. Bath art. MT10 tecnoril polished.

GAUDÌ AIR 02 cm. 140, wood ash, floor sinks and extra-clear glass

GAUDÌ AIR 03 cm. 120, ash wood, glass basin plan

GAUDÌ AIR 04 cm. 110, G86 glossy white lacquer, glossy white vanity top tecnoril.

GAUDÌ PLANE 05 cm. 90+90, white lacquered polished G86, G51 cappuccino polished, shiny sinks stonelight.

GAUDÌ AIR 06 cm. 47+100, ash wood, white lacquered, G86 glossy shiny top tecnoril.

GAUDÌ PLANE 07 cm. 110+47,
wood ash, ash, white G86 shiny, glossy white top tecnoril.

GAUDÌ ELEGANT 08 cm. 130 G94 black lacquered glossy black glass washbasin top

GAUDÌ ELEGANT 09 cm. 140, glossy white lacquered glass top and sink in silver leaf. Bath art. MT10 silver leaf

GAUDÌ ELEGANT 10 cm. 300+160, M91 matt lacquered floor, wash basins white tecnoril

GAUDÌ ELEGANT 11 cm. 150, white lacquered polished G86, G78 wisteria polished, shiny washbasin top tecnoril

GAUDÌ ELEGANT 12 cm. 100, G75 glossy lacquered blueberry, blueberry glass basin.

GAUDÌ JEWEL 13 cm. 140 ash wood,
black capitonnè ecoleather, black glass basin

GAUDÌ JEWEL 14 cm. 160 gold leaf, white capitonnè ecoleather, washstand white crystal

LED mirror art. GAU-150, capitonnè bench art. GAU-90

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